About My Tour Kerala

A self coordinated company believes in travellers.

We renamed ourselves as My Tour Kerala because we realised that guest means the same when they says about the tour prepared by us. As we all learned Kerala is not an unknown destination for anyone, but we mean to give Kerala packages a new feel that could make every traveller delighted. We have targeted our travellers like leisure, adventure and Honeymoon and we make sure that the requirements for the above said groups are properly met. We basically support or create a plan that helps the travellers to make peaceful tour through out kerala.


A tour is planned based on some believes travellers have about some destinations. We believe that all our tours are well coordinated as the guest relied on us.


Tour Safety determines transportation and accommodation, transportation is the core part of a tour and we are very particular in picking the drivers and vehicle for each tour.

Tour Price

Our pricing is based on the tour quality and service standard. We don't claim that we serve low price tours but we serve quality.

Personal Contact

We always keep a personal relation with our guest from arrival day onwards, we do make sure that the complaint scale should be on the negative side.


A tour can be felt in many ways like satisfied as leisure, Delighted as honeymoon delight and Adventures as Great Escapes. All this has to be properly met when we plan a tour and we know that our guest had all the state of mind while they travel.

Financial Security

We are providing financial security for all our guests as per the government regulations.

Diversified Tour

A tour should be very well synchronized culturally and environmentally as we honeymoon couple spending a night in Jacuzzi villa and moving to enjoy the tribal dance and trekking for the next two nights.